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Microsoft's MacBU gets new GM: Craig Eisler

Scott McNulty

I know it is traditional for Mac users to dislike Microsoft, but I think that's silly. Outside of Apple, Microsoft is the largest Mac developer and they do make some cool software (can you imagine a world without Office? I can't. And judging from what I saw at Macworld 2007, Office for the Mac 2008 is going to rock). I bring all of this up because there is a new sheriff in the MacBU (that's the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft) town. Gone is Roz Ho, former General Manager of the MacBU. She has been replaced by Craig Eisler, though don't worry about Roz, she is still at Microsoft and we at TUAW wish her all the best.

Check out Craig's first post on Mac Mojo and this post on his personal blog in which he lists ten things he loved from Apple.

Welcome, Craig, and when you get a chance could you make sure that Microsoft released a Universal Binary of Remote Desktop? That would make this blogger a very happy fellow.


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