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Smash Bros. Brawl controllers confirmed

Justin McElroy

Don't be surprised if heated debates over Smash Bros. Brawl character supremacy take on a terrifying new dimension now that it's been confirmed on the official blog that all Wii-compatible remotes will work with the game. "Sure, Kirby can beat Meta Knight if everybody's using GameCube controllers," the clerk at your local EB Games might say, "but you don't even understand Kirby until you've turned the Wiimote on its side, that's his spinach."

If you're puzzling over what does what exactly, keep wondering -- director Masahiro Sakurai is staying mum. He does admit though that he prefers the GameCube controller because he "like[s] the feel of that powerful rumble." ... Wow, we didn't mean to end the post all creepy, sorry, we'll change the subject. So, how are you planning on playing?

[Thanks to everybody who sent this in.]

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