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Sony nominated: best new IP, innovation, publishing hero

Nick Doerr

Welcome to the Develop Conference & Expo in the UK! They've just announced their nominations for the Develop Industry Excellence Awards, and while there were nominations for all sorts of games and platforms, Sony stood tall and took pride in getting enough nominations with PS3 software that we at PS3 Fanboy have to feel a sense of pride for the company whose product is our namesake. We'll let you know where Sony and its studios got the nod below.

  • For Creativity, Evolution Studios' MotorStorm got a nomination.
  • For Visual Arts, both Evolution Studios' MotorStorm and SCEE Studio Liverpool's F1 Championship Edition got nominations.
  • Sony itself got nominated for being a "Publishing Hero" which we will assume means they have some kind of special power of publishing. Heroes are cool.
  • F1 Championship Edition got mentioned for being among the best in the use of online capabilities.
  • Super Rub-a-Dub got a mention for innovation, as well.

So, good job, Sony! Seems you've got a knack for making fun, innovative, and creative racing games. And floating duck games that get universally panned by critics, but secretly enjoyed by some. With these credentials tucked under their belt, will Sony have an equally praised performance at E3 next month? We'll have to wait and see, but don't be surprised if some new games show up as winners in categories much like these.

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