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The Hummer phone gets real

Brian White

Looks like the French electronics company Modelabs will be reported making a handset specifically for Hummer. Nope, from all respects, this new won't be made by any "famous maker" with just Hummer stickers or something. No sir, this baby packs some respectable specs and the only knock we see if lack of 3G data. Full specs after the break. the market demographics for civilian Hummer vehicles are pretty macho and all that, so this handset, understandably, has that same feel from just looking at photos of it (yes, it's made of "premium materials"). We'll see if it has that "tank" feeling once we have one in out mitts -- hopefully soon. A summary of features includes: GSM / GPRS / EDGE (eww), 262K color touchscreen with virtual keyboard, microSD slot, MP3 player and FM radio and a weight of 100 grams.

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