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The saga of Craig

Amanda Rivera

The last couple of days have been torture for Trappa of Eitrigg. On a run in Old Hillsbrad recently her best friend and companion Craig despawned before her eyes and never reappeared when called. Her pet simply disappeared. Now, my hunter is only level 40, but I can't imagine how I would feel if I logged in one day to see my huggable-yet-feisty while lion Sobriquet gone. I get depressed just thinking about it.

Trappa did what every sane hunter would do, she went straight to her stable only to find it Craigless, and then filed a GM ticket. What ensued was a battle of legendary proportions. She was told that her pet was hungry, and that must have been why he left. I asked Trappa if this might have been the case, and she said that she always keeps Craig in the green, since all hunters love them the 25% damage increase. She admitted that he might have gone into the yellow just because he had recently been put away, but he was also at the top of the loyalty chart. In her own studies since this incident she said it took a rebellious pet 25 minutes of not being fed to run away. Since Trappa certainly fed her pet more often than this, it appears she was the victim of a horrendous, heartbreaking bug.

When she asked the GMs (and I mean plural, because she spoke to several tiers in the system over the ensuing days) she was told she had already used her allotment of restores on her account and so they couldn't, or rather wouldn't, help her. After pleading, and begging, and pleading some more she wore them down enough to get them to attempt to bring Craig back from the Twisted Nether or wherever he happened to be. But he blinked into-and-out-of existence just as fast as the first time. She was then told that there was nothing else to be done, and was sent away without much in the way of help or sympathy.

A wake was planned, scheduled to take place 1 PM server time in Mulgore where Craig, being a Rake, was first tamed. In order to prepare for the service, Trappa went out last night to tame another Rake, dubbing him SpiritofCraig. It was her intention to release him at the wake. I know, my heart aches for her. However, shortly thereafter she received a message from the gods, or rather, a message from GM Llyleath:

You should be all set. You should have Craig back and all should be well. If you continue to have an issue please repetition while in game. Thank you for your petition!

Naturally excited, Trappa rushed back to her stable only to find that her new SpiritofCraig had fallen victim to the same fate as his namesake. As she puts it "he went looking for his body." Again she filed a ticket, but this time received a response from a GM that plays a hunter. Within minutes everything was fixed, and a cranky Craig was in her stable, starving and rebellious but safe and sound.

Trappa's wondering friend has now been plucked from wherever he was in the Azerothian space-time continuum. The wake will still be held, but now has changed into the "Best Friend Welcome Home Snowball Party and BBQ" in Shattrah City, 1:00 Sat CDT server time. If you get the chance to stop by, Trappa will be the hunter with a grin on her face a mile wide and a happy Craig by her side.

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