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Final Fantasy anniversary bash in SF on 26 June


The "anniversary bash" referring to a celebration, not that thing you do in the comments section every time we talk about Square Enix's upcoming remakes. Indeed, the plan is to "commemorate 20 years of devotion, dedication and passion from the greatest fans in the gaming industry," so there won't be any place for you at the Metreon's PlayStation store in San Francisco come this June 26th.

The first 100 people to arrive promptly at 6PM (on the the day before, knowing hardcore Final Fans) will receive free items that are exclusive to the event, while everyone else will have to be satisfied with purchasing the PSP version of the first, err, Final Fantasy. Square Enix also promises a special showing of July's re-sequel, Final Fantasy II. I'll see you there -- look out for the guy dressed as eager ladies' man and last-minute quitter, Irvine.

That's not who I'm going as, but watch out for that guy. He's a creep.

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