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January to June: the iPhone's evolution

Chris Ziegler

Believe it or not, the iPhone shown in January wasn't in final, launch-ready form. Crazy, huh? An enterprising individual has managed to compile no fewer than seventeen ways that the phone's software has visibly changed between Macworld and the recent commercials -- and that's just from the few calculated product shots that Apple has seen fit to shown the world, so there's no telling what else they've been brewin'. Most of the changes are super minor (and may not even be software changes, but rather user config or mode changes) like the presence of a Bluetooth icon in the upper right of the idle screen, last updated indicator in the mail screen, and the addition of a "Podcasts" icon in the music player, but hey, it's our job to microanalyze this stuff, right? Click on for the full list with pictures.

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