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Programmable X-keys Stick takes you to macro heaven

Darren Murph

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There's no denying that macros make all of our lives a bit less tedious, and while having a few here and there will suffice for the most of us, the hardcore RTS gamers and graphic designers can certainly appreciate the overkill on this one. PI Engineering's X-keys Stick (full shot after the break) is a programmable, customizable rod sporting no fewer than 16 buttons ready to bow to your commands. Available in PS/2 and USB flavors, the backlit device ships with Macro Works software (or iKey for OS X) and a template for printing out your own key labels. Nah, this won't hold a candle to the tweaking abilities of the Optimus Maximus, but the reasonable $99.95 pricetag also manages to (thankfully) pale in comparison. If you feel like really nerding out, X-keys also has X-keys Professional and X-keys Desktop editions designed to sit next to your keyboard. The X-keys Pro version even comes with a WoW sticker set to push things off the deep end -- as if the macro madness hadn't gone far enough already.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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