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Roadkill MacBook Pro keeps on keepin' on


Vermont-based blacksmith Jim Fecteau uses his 17" MacBook Pro as a business and teaching tool, and he fully intended to have it handy at a smiths' meeting in Rhode Island... however, one teensy problem, he left it on top of his truck as he drove away from home. Oops. After fruitless searching on the home end, he chalked it up as a loss.

Enter Small Dog Electronics, longtime Mac vendor in Burlington, VT. A good Samaritan turned the laptop in and SD contacted Fecteau, who came to pick up the patient. Unfortunately, the laptop had been run over by his trailer, and we all know that's gonna leave a mark. A good chunk of the screen is unusable, and the DVD drive has played its last, but the machine is still operable (!) and could be repaired to full working order. Fecteau would like to go for one of the new Santa Rosa machines, and who can blame him?

You can see several more examples of "Mac meets immovable object" physics experiments at Small Dog's 'Maccident' Flickr pool.

[via Small Dog Barkings]

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