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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: afterlife edition

Ross Miller

Joystiq patron Mobat555 sent us the above image answering the question of where do all those Mario's go once the fall into that seemingly bottomless void. We don't know who made this fine work of art (if you do, please tell us), but we love it. Update: The above image was created by Bill Mudron that he reportedly drew for Life Meter Comics back in late March. Check out more of his work at Excelsior Studios.

Here are our picks for the best game-related webcomics this week. Be sure to vote for your favorite! (And definitely tell us about some gaming comics we might have missed -- we're always looking for more.)

Your future says ...
From the makers of Beam Kings
Can't touch this
Super freak
Dance Dance Domination
Overlord of the year
Remembering, old school
Retreat to the citadel
Extra baggage

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