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WWDC 2007 Keynote bingo

Scott McNulty

It wouldn't be a Stevenote without a little bingo thrown in for fun, right? John Siracusa, of Ars Technica, has once again posted a PDF of his bingo card so you can play along on Monday. Just in case you aren't familiar with this whole Keynote bingo thing, here's a quick overview: Steve gets on stage, you ready your bingo card and cross off spots when something that matches the card happens (Steve says 'Boom,' new iMacs are introduced, and so forth). It makes a Stevenote even more fun (if such a thing is possible).

If PDF isn't your thing, you can also download this WWDC Bingo application. The neat thing about this app is it'll create a random bingo card based on 100 options, so chances are your card won't be the same as the person's sitting next to you.

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