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Apple announces Leopard server features

Scott McNulty

Steve said today that there is only one version of Leopard, which isn't technically true. There are, in fact, two versions: client and server. The client version (which is what most people run on their desktops) got all the love at WWDC today, but Leopard server is also shaping up to be very nice.

New to Leopard Server are:

  • a new step up interface (which includes a widget)
  • Podcast Producer: create podcasts and upload them to servers. This takes advantage of Xgrid for heavy lifting (and faster encoding)
  • iCal server: uses CalDAV to create a robust calendaring solution
  • Spotlight Server
  • Xgrid 2
Leopard server will ship in October and cost $499 for a 10 seat license and $999 for unlimited.

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