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Have the Germans cracked the WWDC code?


It's not every day that my German-language skills get called into use, but when a news site posts a purported rundown of tomorrow's WWDC Stevenote, well, I'm scrambling for my Langenscheid. That is, I would be if it weren't for Google and DailyTechTalk translating the post already (danke schöen, team). Reading it over, it's most likely a rehash of the rumors and suppositions surrounding the keynote (ZFS, new UI, Google integration, new iMacs, "One More Thing"), or it might -- possibly -- be legit.

If you want to stay surprised tomorrow, or if you consider the whole business of rumormongering the keynote beneath your dignity, then don't click this link to the German original, or this Google or DailyTechTalk translation. Possible spoilers, you've been warned.

via DailyTechTalk/Digg -- Thanks Adam

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