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More critics, more predictions of PS3 dominance by 2010

Nick Doerr

For a while, we thought video game market analysts went into hibernation. We didn't hear their slobbering predictions for a while and the world was at peace. However, all good things come to a premature, abrupt, and violent end. Popular Science has issued plenty of predictions, one of which is aimed squarely at the PlayStation 3. While the prediction is a positive one for the Sony crowd, it's still just a prediction.

Long term plans are key with these predictions. Nintendo is sweeping the world with their Wii, but what will happen a few years from now? The novelty will wear off and the gaming quality will grow more obvious as people purchase HDTV's and want something with more pizazz, Popular Science implies. Perhaps they don't imply it, but that is the thought behind many analysts. With that in mind, Popular Science predicts the PS3 will begin to outsell the competition by the end of 2009. Very conservative, but not entirely unbelievable. Now we ask all of you to get out your crystal balls and tell us what you think will happen with the consoles by the end of this year. We'll make a basic one: PS3 sales will pick up drastically during the last three months of the year as PS2 sales taper off.

[Via Gaming Today]

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