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New details and screens for Jackass: The Game

Peter Vrabel

All Jackass haters may scoff at the notion that the Jackass game could even be mildly fun, but with new details emerging about Jackass: The Game, we're getting a little excited. The entire Jackass crew will represent themselves on the PSP, complete with authentic voicework and motion-captured animations. Of the 30 included stunts, the screenshots here show that a trolley race and Whack-a-Weeman are sure to make the list. Multiplayer appears to be faring quite well, with the inclusion of head-to-head, as well as downloadable episodes and user-created content. That's right, user-created content, as in the ability to record, edit and upload your most vicious snippets of carnage for the world to see. We dare say, this feature list may be enough to bump Jackass: The Game from our "rent" list to "buy." We shall see.

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