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Omega Five, not another Harvest Moon


A French website dug up information on Omega Five, a Hudson Entertainment game being developed for Xbox Live Arcade. This would be the second time in recent memory a French website got a hold of Hudson information early. In March a French site published a video for Bomberman Live (the video wasn't even released publicly until this week) and that video was released four days before the game was officially announced. This time, Xbox Gazette reports that Natsume, best known for the Harvest Moon series, is working on a side-scrolling shooter for XBLA called Omega Five.

The game will allegedly be a standard shooter with the exception of enemies coming out of 3D backgrounds. Details are still very sketchy and for some bizarre reason the French site says the game will cost 800 MS points, which sounds reasonable, but is probably a total shot in the dark. Now that the info is out, just like the Bomberman Live stuff, it probably won't take too long to get a basic statement acknowledging the games existence -- you know, unless Hudson and their PR pull a Beautiful Katamari stunt.

[Via XBLArcade]

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