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Path Finder 4.7 is available


Don't feel glum that you can't use Leopard's new Finder for another four months, just download Path Finder!

Pathfinder is the Finder replacement for Mac OS X that has earned many fans. It's a dream for power users, as it greatly enhances the amount of information available about your files, customization and more. Today, Cocoatech released version 4.7. Changes include:

  • A revamped Get Info window that provides summary information for multiple items.
  • "Experimental" Subversion support from within Path Finder with basic svn functionality (status, update commit, diff, add, etc.).
  • A redesigned Applications Launcher
  • The integrated Terminal feature has been updated to the latest iTerm code.
There's more, of course, and you can get the full run-down here. Path Finder 4.7 costs $34.95US (existing customers can upgrade to Path Finder 4.7 for $17.95US) and requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.

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