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Sony survey says: selling 80GB PS3 in Europe isn't necessary

Nick Doerr

Sony CEO and President of the European side of things, David Reeves, recently issued a statement regarding the potential release of a new, 80GB, model of the PlayStation 3 in Europe. You may recall this version of the Sony mammoth device is getting released in Korea, along with other special features like downloadable content. Well, Mr. Reeves has pointed out that such a model will not make its way to Europe any time soon.

His reasoning behind such a decision is this: "there are markets like Korea where there's very high broadband penetration and the people there are used to downloading content, so they require a certain size hard drive." True, but does this mean we'll never see a higher storage capacity in our PS3's in Europe and the Americas (plus Canada)? Not for a while. If you really need the storage space, though, you can stick any internal hard drive you want in there. So long as it's a 2.5" SATA drive. If we start getting downloadable content like HD movies or TV shows, it'd be a worthwhile investment.

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