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Alone in the Dark releasing this November


ProG says they've got some release dates straight from Atari UK, with the shocker being Alone in the Dark scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this November. We haven't heard about that game in ages, other than a mention that the author of Sleepers had come on board, but we'll take this as a good sign. Alone in the Dark, which was announced last year, was previously revealed to contain episodic content and wasn't yet in playable form. If it is releasing in November, there's a good chance we'll learn a great deal more at the upcoming Min-E3.

The ProG article also gives the dates for some other games: The Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion, Mask of the Betrayer, will release on October 12, Tamagotchi Party On! for Wii on August 31, Dungeons and Dragons Tactics and The Witcher on September 14, and Godzilla Unleashed in November.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]

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