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Capcom gets Steam power


First Lady Croft, now Dante. Looks like publishers are starting to get on board the Steam locomotive of digital distribution. Capcom announced that they will begin offering titles through Steam, they are the first Japanese company to join the service.

The initial offerings will be the PC versions of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Onimusha 3, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Future Capcom PC releases will also be made available through Steam.

We'll be happy as long as we can use our Xbox 360 controllers with these games on PC. A couple years and 13 million customers later, Steam is starting to show some teeth. The digital distribution service already offers a significant number of games for those who don't need retail boxes. Looks like companies are starting to catch on and see digital distribution and Steam as an ally in growing the market, because as much as people love their retail boxes, it's easier and cheaper to go the Steam route ... well, for the publisher at least.

[Via Press Release]

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