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Crush producer considers multiplatform release, level editor

Ross Miller

Sixty reasons not enough to convince you to buy a PSP? This interview with Crush senior producer Paul Mottram will only serve to justify your stubbornness. Speaking to Sega Nerds, Mottram expresses interest in taking the game to other platforms.

"There is no reason why it couldn't be transferred to multiple different platforms especially the Wii, DS and PS2," he said, "and this is something we are thinking about." Discussing a potential sequel, Mottram said "It's something we'd all love to do since there are so many features we didn't get the opportunity to put into this version."

Consideration is at least six degrees away from confirmation and execution, but it does seem the folks at development studio Zoë Mode aren't feeling compelled to keep the franchise PSP-exclusive. Should a sequel or new release come out, it will give Mottram and co. a chance to implement a level editor, one of the big ideas that they had but never made it to the final product.

"We have a terrific in-game level editor running on the PSP which our designers used to create all the levels in the game. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to get this running on a commercial PSP or implement all the necessary user friendly features we would have needed if it was to be shipped with the game. As you could imagine designing Crush levels can be tricky at times."

Crush designer Alex Butterfield gave a speech at this year's Game Developers Conference discussing the challenges of making levels in the game. Mottram summed it up best: "You could spend hours perfecting a level only to see someone instantly circumvent the entire level with a crush we had never considered."

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