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Halo's Todd McFarlane controllers and wireless headset


Microsoft is going all out with their Halo tie-ins for that big incoming finale. On top of the Mad Catz merchandise, there are some official Microsoft Halo 3 accessories incoming to finish the fight. GamingTalkHQ found images of two official Xbox controllers and a Halo 3 wireless headset for the Xbox 360 at

All three items are listed at $59.99 with a release of Sept. 4; however, Gamestop is notoriously bad with their prices and dates this far out. The controller art is done by Todd McFarlane (Spawn) and also comes with a Halo 3 figurine by McFarlane Toys. So, maybe, it will end up costing $60. We'll find out more closer to release and when these items become "official".

[Thanks Alex]

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