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Keyloggers 2, Blizzard employees 0


There was a weird development on the keylogger front tonight, as Blizzard community managers Drokthul and Nethaera apparently got their accounts hacked and started posting keyloggers on the forums. And of course, because Blue posters are assumed to be trustworthy, many people clicked the links.

I personally thought the whole thing was a photoshop hoax until I read Tyren's comment, "Folks, we're definitely dealing with the issue at hand with the greatest amount of speed and care. We always appreciate our community's support when it comes to alerting us about key loggers on the forums and we hope you'll continue to do so. This is a good chance to remind our players to always check a URL before clicking on it." It sounds like Blizzard is taking this seriously. Eyonix later noted that he kind of enjoyed banning his coworkers.

Hopefully, this will help Blizzard finally do something about the keyloggers and hackers infesting this game. While I realize that it's our own responsibility to keep from getting hacked, if two Blizzard employees can get logged, it can happen to just about anyone. I clicked a keylogger link once myself, back before they became so common on the forums, but my antivirus program caught it before it could do any harm.

As Eliah posted, Blizzard is considering disabling links on the forums. While this may cause many to miss the many new "hot sex girls" and "Ashbringr secrits" that are posted on the forum daily, it may be a risk we'll have to take.

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