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No ZFS by default for Leopard

Scott McNulty

Remember when Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, told an audience that OS X would be sporting ZFS as the file system of choice and that we would find out all about it at WWDC? It would seem no one told Apple that, as the Stevenote came and went with nary a mention of ZFS or Sun. InformationWeek caught up with Brian Croll, Apple's senior director of product marketing for Mac OS X, and asked about ZFS on the Mac. Croll said, "ZFS is not happening," and that HFS+ is the default.

It is unclear if Leopard will still support ZFS as an option, but it is clear that the default is still HSF+.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Update: ZFS is still an option in Leopard, it is just not the default. I've updated the headline to reflect this.

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