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The face of Halo's Master Chief?


Like looking into the Ark of the Covenant, there is a sect of fanboy that believes to actually see the face of Master Chief would mean the melting of your face and the imminent collapse of the universe. Then there are those so desperate to see the man (or woman), they'll look for it in the reflection of the helmet in the Halo 3 commercial, or just Photoshop it in. Ever see Chuck Norris Master Chief, how about Ellen?

As for this video, the Master Chief looks half-Protoss under the mask. Maybe Bungie is hinting that Halo 3 will reveal a merging of the Starcraft and Halo universes? Wouldn't that be amazing? We could write fan fiction all day about such things. But is it the face of the Master Chief? Does the Master Chief even have a face? What is a face? All these questions and more will still be there when we finish the fight this September and Halo 3 unleashes so we can test this little video for ourselves.

[Thanks, Justin and Jonah]

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