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Adjutant Reflex hints at possible Halo 3 ARG

Dustin Burg

Cryptic messages have been appearing on the forums over at and from a mysterious "thing" that goes by the name of Adjutant Reflex. It talks of data, hibernation, and events related to the Halo universe all while maintaining a veil of secrecy. Just what are we talking about? Well, simply put, things are coming together that make us believe that a new ilovebees style alternate reality game is about to begin, but Halo 3 style.

Adjutant Reflex seems to be some sort of in-game AI who's data-mining the internets, responding cryptically to user's questions, and is connected to the and HBO forums. Communication, details, and knowledge about this whole Adjutant Reflex stuff is a little over our heads right now, which heavily favors the idea of a complex new ARG getting ready to begin. But what we can tell you is that this "thing" has stated that "Archives/Resources will be compiled" at around 1:00AM PST Thursday morning, so hopefully we'll get a feel for what's going on at that time. Until then, we advise checking out Hushed Casket's writeup of the events that have taken place including all kinds of links or checking out the UnFiction forums where experienced ARGers are looking into this.

If this is a new Halo 3 ARG similar to ilovebees you can count us in. We just loved the adventure and community behind the fun. But what about you? Did you follow ilovebees and do you enjoy this alternate reality gaming?

[Via Joystiq]

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