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Apple Design Awards 2007

Dan Lurie

Apple has announced the winners of the 2007 Apple Design Awards, and as always, the winners are a selection of the very best of OS X applications. While a good deal of the winning developers tonight received their second or even third award, it's nice to see a bunch of smaller and lesser known first time winners mixed in.

Results after the jump.

Leopard Application

Winner – Delicious Library 2.0 (alpha)
Runner-Up – iBank 3.0a

User Experience
Winner – Coda 1.0
Runner-Up – Sandvox 1.2

Developer Tool
Winner – CSSEdit 2.5
Runner-Up – rooSwitch 1.1.8

Winner – World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade 2.0
Runner-Up – Wacky Mini Golf 1.01

Scientific Computing Solution
Winner – Papers 1.0
Runner-Up – SingleCrystal 1.3

Dashboard Widget

Winner – BART Widget 1.0
Runner-Up – PEMDAS 1.1

Student Product
Winner – Picturesque 1.0
Runner-Up – Pathway 1.0

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