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Dark Sector removed from 'crowded' holiday season, due early 2008


Digital Extremes' Dark Sector, one of the first games to brandish the unnaturally shiny "next-gen" label, has been shoved out of its proposed holiday season release period and into the first quarter of 2008. A representative from D3Publishing tells FiringSquad, "We've decided to pull Dark Sector out of a very crowded holiday season and it is now slated for release in Q1 2008."

Apparently, the publisher believes that releasing a third-person sci-fi title into a throbbing crowd of anticipated games is a mistake. Of course, where D3 sees Dark Sector getting trampled, Midway sees Blacksite: Area 51 being hoisted up by Halo 3 and surfing the crowd. We'll see which decision fares better soon enough.

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