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David Jaffe returns to blogging (but only with pictures)


After swearing off blogging over a month ago for reasons unbeknownst to us -- Jaffe's back! Wave your rollies in the sky and wave them side to side. Whoop, whoop! He returns to blogging with pictures and not words -- actually, not true, the title of the post is "coming soon". The post holds two pictures, the one you see above and one after the break. It's very avant-garde, what Jaffe is doing here; the pictures speak the words for us. It's blogging 2.0.

What does it mean? Well, it's one man's struggle against words while probably showing his new office getting all fixed up. Or maybe they put gamers in the fishbowl off to the right side to observe their behavior, helping craft an optimal gaming experience. Obviously Jaffe is building a mystery and carefully choosing what to reveal. Or he's just building an office. One or the other, we're pretty sure.

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