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Forum Post of the Day: Are Tanks A Dying Breed?

Dan O'Halloran

I think we've all been there. Waiting and waiting and waiting for a tank to be LFG so you can get your 5-man underway. Random /tells to every druid in your level range. Plaintive cries in the General channel. Wondering if you should just switch to an alt. Why oh why is it so hard to find a tank for a 5-man these days?

A few theories are floating around. They are all PvPing. Or they get snatched up in guild based 5-mans and don't have to resort to pick up groups for their runs. Or they are frustrated with getting stuck with big repair bills and groupmates that don't understand the basics of managing their own aggro.

What do you think? Do you find it hard to get a tank into a pick up group? Are you more willing to put up with a poor tank just to get the 5-man together? Shouldn't there be more tanks available since the tanking enhancements that druids and paladins received in the expansion? Or is this just more crying by players who need to make more friends in-game?

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