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Logitech's PS3 controller: No motion, but yes to rumble


IGN recently got some time with the Logitech Cordless Precision for PlayStation 3. The controller costs $10 less than the official $50 Sixaxis controller and is very similar to their famous PS2 wireless controllers, which worked quite well. This controller should also not be confused with the air-blowing PS3 wired controller Logitech previously released.

This new controller (pictured) is heavier than the Sixaxis and uses two AA batteries, giving 50 hours of play according to Logitech. The most bizarre thing going on with this controller is it doesn't have any motion control built into it, but it does come with rumble -- a feature that none of the PS3 games use. Of course, in time, the rumble will come back to Sony, but it is funny that Logitech placed rumble importance over getting the motion control feature license. For all we know at this point, Logitech made the right bet.

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