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Rumor: Microsoft adding extra cooling to repaired 360s


Several technology websites have become hosts to images of newly repaired Xbox 360s featuring a cooling solution which was not present in the original hardware. It is claimed that after placing a malfunctioning system in a cozy coffin and sending it off to Microsoft, users receive a repaired system equipped with a second GPU (graphics processing unit) heatsink. No instances of the heatsink appearing in brand new systems have yet been documented, but its initial appearance seems to highlight what anecdotal evidence has been suggesting for months -- if it's broke, you should fix it.

Is Microsoft finally taking a shot at Peter Moore's "moving target" failure rate? If indeed legitimate, this hardware modification suggests that the system's reported problems could be due to an engineering issue as opposed to generalized problems. Then again, it's no simple matter drawing conclusions based on nothing but anecdotal evidence and a tight-lipped manufacturer... and perhaps therein lies the real problem. Microsoft did not respond to our request for comment at the time of writing.

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