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Uniden intros digital tuner-less 1080p LCD TVs

Darren Murph

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In an age where companies are scrambling to combat the sinking prices of LCD HDTVs, Uniden decided to make no bones about where it was trimming the fat, as it introduced a pair of 1080p sets that are devoid of an internal digital TV tuner. While they both keep the same iMac-esque appearance with that semi-transparent, glossy white bezel, the 42-inch TL42AZ1 and 37-inch TL37AZ1 both include a pair of HDMI and component inputs as well as a soon-to-be-useless analog tuner. The sets are apparently targeting consumers who use their TV primarily for gaming or multimedia activities, or to customers who prefer to use a set-top-box to receive digital and HD content. Of note, the firm also released a 19-inch TL19TX1 (pictured after the jump) that rings up around $382, but it does manage to include a digital tuner at the expense of an analog flavor. Pricing for the 42-incher looks to be around $1,469, while the 37-inch iteration will demand just $1,142, and all three sets should begin shipping in late July.

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