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Watch the id Tech 5 WWDC demo, drown in its shininess

While EA is busy wrapping their software in Cider, promising a quick and easy way to achieve Mac OS X compatibility, id Software is creating a new multiplatform game engine that will run natively on Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and, whaddya know, Mac OS X. id Tech 5, first unveiled at yesterday's WWDC conference, is id's fifth generation 3D engine -- see the revisionist name changes here -- and it's notably not being built with Microsoft's DirectX 10.

Before everyone starts complaining about the palpable layer of polyurethane coating every surface in the demo, consider Carmack's claim that if he had four more days, the demo would be twice as smooth. That's just it, Mr. Carmack, it's already too smooth. But we know it's early so we'll just study this video until we get to see more (like your special Mac-related announcement) at E3.

If you'd rather avoid the embedded YouTube shakycam footage, you can watch Apple's much nicer streaming version of the 2007 WWDC keynote (jump ahead to 11:30).

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