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Digital Life America poll profiles iPhone faithful


It would seem Solutions Research Group's Digital Life America has its fingers on the pulse of the average iPhone hopeful (or at least a random 1,230 of them) with a new poll titled "Who Will Line Up for the iPhone." The results seem to suggest that the average iPhone line-camper will be a fairly well heeled individual (we're not surprised here, this is pretty pricey hardware) with a salary 26 percent higher than the national average, aged 31 years, and overwhelmingly male. The interesting bit in all this is that 48% of them don't currently own an iPod, so they do fit the mold Mr. Steve is aiming at. If Apple is following this type of fluff, perhaps being in NYC or somewhere in CA will help your cause come 6pm on the 29th -- but if not, you can always hop in the Lear and hit the other coast in a jiffy.

[Via Slashphone]

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