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    iTunes on your (non-iPhone) phone: nuTsie reviewed

    Chris Ziegler

    Alright, alright, let's move past the ROKR and V3i and start looking at some more creative ways to shoehorn iTunes onto our phones, mkay? (And no, not the iPhone either -- we said "creative.") Enter "nuTsie," a music client that streams your iTunes library not by actually streaming your media -- that'd be pretty tricky with the DRM and all -- but by reading the names of your songs and matching them to tunes on nuTsie's server. According to LAPTOP Mag's testing, performance is solid (and super quick over a 3G connection) but there are a handful of bummers; some of the tested phones couldn't rock nuTsie and A2DP simultaneously, and worse yet, some clamshells closed the app when the flip was closed. The list of supported devices is pretty anemic at the moment, but it's still in beta so we might see beefier compatibility by the time 1.0 rolls around.

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