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Juice Box PMP used in retro phone digiframe mod

Darren Murph

Granted, it's been a tick since we've considered Mattel's Juice Box for any off the wall hack jobs, but a clever fellow with nothing but spare time and a worthless rotary dial telephone figured out a way to rejuvenate it. The "Retro Phone Picture Frame Hack" required an obsolete phone, Juice Box and MP3 / Picture kit, spare SD card, and a basic understanding of wiring. After removing the dial face and getting his hands dirty with the variety of connections within, his picture-packed SD card was situated in while the face of the Juice Box was fixated in the leftover gap. A few silent prayers later, everything was up and running, providing the least costly and most unique digiframe we've seen to date. So if you're considering putting that old phone to rest, be sure to visit the read link and give this mod a hand before ditching such a useful appliance.

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