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Mysterious Xbox email teases Halo 3 mythology

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"Look for the signs, the keepers of the flame"

That's the subject line of the email blasted out early this morning from "Xbox Flash". Checking the web-hosted version, the page is identified as "Forerunner Email". You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or a Halo fanboy) to deduce that we're in the middle of some clever marketing for Microsoft's upcoming FPS, but to what end?

While we're suspicious of this email being related to the just beginning Halo 3 ARG -- after all, an email from is not the most subtle way of kicking off an ARG -- we still thought to check in with this thread on the newly created forums where they've been dissecting the clues. For example, the Forerunner symbol in the image appears to be a new one and ... is that a face on the wall? Boy, we need to get some more sleep ...

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