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PS3 Guncon relies on Wii-like pointer


With traditional light guns firing nothing but unhelpful blanks at our fancy LCD and plasma televisions, there was some question as to how the PlayStation 3's Guncon would function with the upcoming Time Crisis 4. An article on Japanese site Game Watch (which now appears to have been removed) provided the details, since documented and translated by Game|Life's Chris Kohler.

Much like the Wiimote (as used by Sega's light gun game, Ghost Squad), the Guncon 3 relies on two markers placed on either side of the television. A sensor inside the gun's muzzle detects the markers and automagically figures out where it's being pointed. The controller also features six buttons and a second analog stick placed on an awkward "subgrip" that you're meant to hold with your left hand. The original article points out that while Japan gets a black gun, America and Europe will have to make do with a charming orange model, as seen above (in the company of the world's mangiest jacket)..

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