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Rumarrrr: Monkey Island 5 in the works at LucasArrrrts

With pirates being de rigeur in the entertainment industry these days, it only seems right that the reinvigorated LucasArts would dig up their backyard and consider rescuscitating the venerable (and hysterical) Monkey Island series for a whole new generation of swashbuckling scallywags. And they are, if you believe the Rumor Reporter who, uh, reports that "the fifth Monkey Island is coming." According to his top secret sources -- "some of the guys who worked on the music compositions for the original PC classics" -- the title is being considered, but don't expect to see any piratey action until 2008 "at the earliest."

Sound fishy? Yeah, we thought so too, so why not try to rinse that taste out of your mouth with these delicious Steve Purcell drawings of a suspiciously familiar dead pirate guy? Purcell is quick to point out that these images (more at World of Monkey Island) are "in no way connected to any existing or canceled piratey project." Aye, we'll see about that in ought-eight.

[Via Gamesblog]

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