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Sharp intros teeny, tiny digital TV tuner

Matt Burns

Everyone wants digital OTA TV on their cell phones, right? We sure do and are glad to see Sharp making that dream come true for at least part of the world. Their latest creation crams all the goods into a tiny 1.3x1.3x1.25 mm chip which only uses 85mW of power. Unfortunately, this little guy isn't headed to the States though, thanks to our ATSC digital standard - the VA3A5JZ912 only works with Japanese "Wansegu broadcasts." In other words, this OneSeg or ISDB-T tuner simply will not work over here due to our type of digital broadcasts. ATSC tuners are getting smaller by the press release, so hopefully sometime soon we too can watch TV on our cell phones without paying a provider. Just because you can watch TV on your cell phone though, doesn't mean anything good is going to be on.

[Via I4U]

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