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Alienware Hangar 18 could get Blu-ray, CableCARD options

Darren Murph

Flashy though it may be, Alienware's first major attempt at a end-all HTPC solution certainly fell short in a number of areas, but it looks like the brains of the operation are already well aware and looking to make things right. According to a recent interview with the company, Chris Lanier found that Alienware is disappointed by the lack of CableCARD support in the current Hangar 18, and while it was "originally supposed to ship" with said technology, the next revision -- "due within the next month or two" -- should give users the option. Additionally, Blu-ray support will supposedly be included as well, but it wasn't clear if we'd be seeing a writer or just a reader. It's hard out there for an early adopter, eh?

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