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Hands-on with the HTC S710 "Vox"

Chris Ziegler

Looking for a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device with a slide-out QWERTY doohickey plus a dedicated numeric keypad? The Vox is pretty much the only game in town -- and we're delighted to report that that's not a bad thing at all. Known as the S710 under HTC's own branding, the set rocks a 2 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, quadband GSM with EDGE data, 128MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, a microSD slot, and WiFi. The software's standard fare (and reasonably fast in light of the pokey 201MHz OMAP850), but as is often the case with HTC kit, the hardware's where this thing really stands out. Not only were we super impressed by how rock-solid the S710 felt, but considering the immense value of the QWERTY keyboard, you sacrifice very little in size or weight. In fact, looking at the phone straight on from the front, you can't even tell that it's anything but a rather ordinary looking candybar. It's a little thicker, sure, but well worth the price of admission, even if only for the occasional email-based rant. Check out some S710 poses (tasteful, we promise) in the gallery!

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