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Motorstorm patch delayed; Sony bummed

Jem Alexander

We told you it was due out today, and as far as we knew we were telling the truth. Unfortunately there's been a hiccup with the upcoming Motorstorm patch. Felice Standifer, the Senior US Producer for Motorstorm, has updated the Playstation.Blog to say that there's a bug that could prevent connection with the PlayStation Network. Not something that would be very popular in an update containing a new Time Attack mode, which allows the up- and downloading of time "ghosts" to race against.

Needless to say, Sony are bummed that they haven't been able to deliver the patch on time. We're asked to bear with them until the product is fully ready, which is fine by us. We know it's a cliche but we would much rather wait for all the kinks to be removed than to be given a broken patch.

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