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Pentax celebrates with gold-accented K10D GP DSLR

Darren Murph

What do you do if your camera takes home the prestigious Camera Grand Prix 2007 award? Why, you kick out a limited run of 5,000 units to let everyone know about it, that's what. Pentax is proving quite the celebratory bunch, as it has found yet another reason to don the party hat and unveil a fancy looking (but otherwise standard) K10D. The Grand Prix Package comes with the body, a battery grip, a commemorative strap, and the latest firmware pre-installed, and Pentax even applied a special dark brown rubber to the body to make sure it stood out. Additionally, a few logos and indicators are gilded to signify the limited-edition status, and the prominent serial number on each one completes the package. Don't expect to snap one up immediately though, as Pentax is keeping the pricing and available deets on the DL for the time being.

[Via AmateurPhotographer]

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