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Project Kangaroo could pool TV content from major UK broadcasters

Darren Murph

While details on this one don't seem to be completely fleshed out just yet, whispers are that the BBC could be working with ITV, Channel 4, and potentially other players in the future to bring about a "download service that would pool TV content" from the major UK broadcasters. Currently, there's a swarm of on-demand offerings from just about every major broadcaster (4OD, for instance), and this collaborative effort would essentially do for VOD what a prior agreement did for digital TV in Britain. Reportedly, the download service would be built around a P2P infrastructure of some sort (at least initially), but it was noted that it could expand into a "digital TV service" in the future. No word just yet on when Project Kangaroo would get to hoppin', but it'll be interesting to see what all this harmony does for the competition.

[Via El Reg]

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