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Mii Spotlight: Beam Mii Up edition


Mii Spotlight -- the final column (of the week.) These are the Web voyages of the blog Wii Fanboy. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new fansites. To seek out new Miis and new Mii collections. To boldly post no Mii that has been posted before.

This first set is a veritable Mii Spotlight all by itself-- from a Flickr post by DJ_5Fingaz, here's most of the senior staff of the Enterprise-D: Worf, Picard, Troi, Data, Crusher, Yar, La Forge, and Riker.

Next, from user isic, the Ferengi bartender Quark, looking like a million strips of gold-pressed latinum. Not bad work for a hu-mon.

emmyceru has a Kivas Fajo-level collection of Star Trek characters. Here's one representative: Neelix, who is featured on the Star Trek Cookbook! On the left is emmyceru's interpretation, and on the right is the work of TheDoubleG. We're probably going to end up buying that cookbook one day. That's kind of a sad thought.

It actually took us a while to find a Kirk we liked. We finally decided on this one from Ansomatica, which depicts Kirk in the early days, before he got all doughy and started wearing the green blouse thing, and way before The Transformed Man.

KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN is a pretty good Mii from mattchu.

It would be highly illogical to have a weekly Mii column without participation from our Federation (you). Please send us a subspace communication at mii at nintendowiifanboy dot com and we will add your artistic distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.

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