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Patch 2.1.2 coming this Tuesday!


You know the PTRs are up and running with patch 2.1.2, don't you? So far, patch 2.1.2 is a mix of bug fixes, minor tweaks, and Season 2 arena rewards (for full patch notes, check here -- though note, these are the PTR notes, and there may be some changes on the live realms). And it looks like we have an official release date for it on the live realms! When asked if we could expect the patch to go live this Tuesday, Nethaera replied:

The Magic 8 Ball had this to say, "AS I SEE IT YES."

She then clarifies:

So far things look good. If there is a delay, we'll let people know.

As of right now, this means US players should expect this Tuesday to be patch day, and EU players should expect the same on Wednesday.

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