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WoW Moviewatch: Serpentshrine Caverns Raid Montage

Dan O'Halloran

The other day I half-jokingly complained that Nihilum should cut together a highlight reel of their boss fights in the Black Temple. To my surprise, I discovered that the guild Indomitable of the Zul'jin server has done just that for their Serpentshrine Cavern Raid Cinematical. And they did it with no UI interface to clutter the screen. Plus, they didn't show the entire fight each time, but just the highlights. Ah, machinima nirvana.

Don't let the slow open put you off, this is one of the best videos I've ever seen for showcasing a raid. From the epic, driving music to the many different camera angles used for each fight. Well thought out and executed.

Plus, there are some real gems in this video, especially for those of us who will never see this content otherwise. Keep an eye out for the AE'ing horde of murlocs, the swordsman boss with the whirlwind move, the giant that, um, expels bubbles and the animation of the bridge rising out of the water that leads to the climactic Lady Vashj encounter. And if you want to see some shiny raid gear, watch the closing credits with solo shots of everyone from the raid.

For you budding machinimists out there: note how this video is cut to the music. When there is a big hit in the music, the video cuts to another dynamic moment. When there is a big swell in the music, the video shows a dramatic moment. Music isn't just an element you throw in after the fact, it drives the entire piece dictating pacing and tone.

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