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AT&T surreptitiously adds $10 DSL plan

Darren Murph

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Psst. You scouting a deal on DSL service? Apparently AT&T has exactly what you need, but it isn't apt to come right out and say it. After a bit of link hunting, we were able to confirm that AT&T (well, BellSouth) looks to be offering up its FastAccess DSL Lite service for a paltry $10 per month so long as you ink your name to a twelve month agreement. The service will purportedly provide maximum speeds of 768Kbps downstream and 128Kbps on the flipside, and even allows new customers to take advantage of the free modem promotion. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid for those who "have not previously subscribed to AT&T or BellSouth's high-speed internet" in the past, but for those searching for a cheap portal to the 'net, this looks to be as good as it (currently) gets.

[Thanks, ksadd]

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